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20 Beautiful And Charming Eye Makeup Looks To Inspire You

20 Beautiful And Charming Eye Makeup Looks To Inspire You

Beautiful And Charming Eye Makeup Looks

Eyes are the window to our soul. A beautiful eye makes you different. How to make those lovely eyes dazzle? There are many eye makeups that make your eye dreamy. Eyeliner, eye shadow, and the latest one in the eye make up trends contact lenses. Here are 20+ trending eye makesups for your beautiful eyes.

1. The Glittering Silver

The Glittering Silver Eye

A darker look with glittering silver eye shadow on a brown base. The contact lens is greenish with brown in the center. The entire eye makeup is completed with black eyeliner to make your eyes party ready.

2. Brown Beauty

Brown Beauty Eye

This beautiful eye makeup has a brown eye shadow with a hint of dark blue at the end. The contact lens is brown with a blue center. The eye shadow is getting lighter to be a part of natural skin color.

3. Pink Ocean

Pink Ocean Eye Makeup

The lens has a beautiful blue color reminding about the ocean, and it is surrounded by warm pink. It is matched by black eyeliner. You can get drowned in these eyes.

4. Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Eye

Like the beautiful flowers, this eye is made beautiful with a painting of flowers just below the eye. Also, on the eyelid, the pink color makes the eye a perfect flower.

5. Rainbow In The Eye

Rainbow In The Eye

It is as the name suggests, rainbow-colored eye shadow with multicolor contact lens showing a hint of a rainbow. After a rain, these eyes will make the day bright.

6. Violet Bird

Violet Bird Eye

An orange color outline of a bird enveloping the eye gives the impression of flying. Moreover, the purple to blue color eye shadow makes you remember the sky. Let’s fly away together.

7. Dazzling Brown

Dazzling Brown Eye

One of the new eye makeup trends using on color in contact lens, eye shadow and eyeliner. The color here is brown and the brown in the eyelid is glittering.

8. Sunrise Cloud Eye

Sunrise Cloud Eye

The first ray of sun falling on the clouds makes a beautiful color of reddish in nature. This eye makeup has caught the same color in your eyes.

9. Evening Sea Eye

Evening Sea Eye

It’s blue but not only that. Shades of pink mixed with it to give the impression of sunset in the clear blue sea.

10. Sky Is Blue

Sky Is Blue Eye

It is based on the same eye make up trend as the Dazzling Brown with the difference of the color used. It is all blue.

11. Gala Evening

Gala Evening Eye

Golden evening for a gala event that is the key word here. Goldeneye shadow bordered by black eyeliner and coupled with contact lenses with shades of gold.

12. Officially Grey

Officially Grey Eye

It is light eye make up with greyish eye shadow and brown contact lens. Although this is ideal for office purpose, it is excellent in parties as well.

13. Dreamy Night Eye

Dreamy Night Eye

It is nightfall. Birds are asleep all is quiet. The greyish eye shadow gives the impression of a cool peaceful night.

14. Caterpillar Eyebrows

Caterpillar Eyebrows

The main focus is black eyeliner dark and long, coupled with dark purple eye shadow. When eyes are closed, it gives an impression of a caterpillar which will be transformed in a stunning butterfly as soon as eyes are opened.

15. Pink Owl Eye

Pink Owl Eye

The main attraction of this eye make up is iris. The small dark color iris covered by light sea blue color gives reminds us of the eye of the predator bird. It is surrounded by brownish eye shadow covering a very small area.

16. Three Shades

Three Shades Eye Makeup

Another interesting eye makeup trend is to use multiple colors. Here blue, white and mauve three colors are used to give a magical effect to the blue contact lens.

17. Mystique Purple

Mystique Purple

This eye looks like holding so many secrets. Shades of purple from dark to light gives a mystical impression.

18. Golden Eye

Golden Eye

Coffee colored contact lenses with pink eye shadow at the bottom and golden at the top. It truly is a golden eye.

19. Warmth


Everything about this eye makeup is light. Light brown eye contact lens, light-colored eye shadow used in a small area. It is a cosy feeling truly representing the name.

20. Magical Eye

Magical Eye

There is a glow in the eye make up the pink eye shadow is like burning a magical fire.

So what are you waiting for? Make your eyes stunning by using one of the eye makeups above.

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