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20 Fantastic Wedding Hairstyles Worth A Try

20 Fantastic Wedding Hairstyles Worth A Try

20 Fantastic Wedding Hairstyles Worth A Try

Other than the wedding dress, nothing draws more attention to a bride than her hair. The bridal hairstyle you choose should be comfortable and stay pretty till the end of your big day. It should suit your style and make you feel gorgeous. Here are twenty wedding updos to choose from. 

1. Long Smooth Curls

Long Smooth Curls

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For long hair, letting it flow in long smooth curls gives it a simple yet stunning look. Use a little hairspray, and you are good to go.

2. French Twist

French Twist

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Tuck in a simple French twist into a bun and you are ready to awe your visitors. This look screams elegance but with a casual twist.

3. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

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A fishtail braid gives you a relaxed appearance. Add in some flowers, and you get a chic look that is bound to turn heads.

4. Wavy Ponytail

Wavy Ponytail

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You can never go wrong with a wavy ponytail. This gorgeous updo will look good during the wedding and still look awesome for the after-party.

5. Messy White High Bun

Messy White High Bun

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A messy hair bun with pearls will keep you comfortable and confident. If you are up to it, add some color, preferably white, to blend with your veil, and you will be looking like an angel.

6. Regal Updo

Regal Updo

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Kate Middleton’s famous regal updo is an elegant bridal hairstyle worth trying. Its simplicity is sure to give you a refined look.

7. Half Up Half Down Loose Curls

Half Up Half Down Loose Curls

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If you don’t wish to stray too far from your usual hairstyle, the half up half down loose curls hairdo is a playful but fashionable look for your wedding.

8. Multi Twist With Tendrils

Multi Twist With Tendrils

Updo hairstyles are simply lovely. They bring out the beautiful features of your face. A multi-twist bun is an excellent choice. Let some tendrils loose for the not-so-perfect look.

9. Low Bun Twist

Low Bun Twist

Another of the updo hairstyles to choose from is the low bun twist. Keep it simple and a few strands framing your face.

10. Half Up Hair With Decorative Bobby Pins

Half Up Hair With Decorative Bobby Pins

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Here is another excellent choice for the bride who prefers to keep their hair flowing. Keep it in place with some lovely bobby pins, fixed in a decorative pattern.

11. Boho Braid Updo

Boho Braid Updo

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Well, this could be one of the most beautiful wedding updos for the bride with long voluminous hair. Accessorize it, and you are good to go.

12. Half Up Half Down With Crown Of Flowers

Half Up Half Down With Crown Of Flowers

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If your wedding is in spring or summer, what better way to accessorize your bridal hairstyle than with flowers? Wear it in half up, half down hairdo, and you will be a bride to remember.

13. Low Chignon

Less is more, and the low chignon proves that. It speaks royalty and is a perfect updo hairstyle for the bride who likes to keep it simple.

14. Messy Side Braid

Messy Side Braid

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A messy side braid is simple and stylish. It adds volume to your hair, and you can easily do it yourself.

15. Twisted Bubble Ponytail

Twisted Bubble Ponytail

Make your everyday ponytail a little stylish with the twisted bubble ponytail. Let some hair loose on the edges and accessorize with a crown.

16. Cascading Fairytale Hairdo

Cascading Fairytale Hairdo

For a princess-like look, the cascading fairytale hairdo will turn you into a memorable bride. You don’t need to accessorize; a few loose tendrils are enough.

17. Bun Updo

Bun Updo

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An accessorized messy bun may be one of the best wedding updos. Its simple elegance lights up your entire look.

18. Half Up Twisted Hairdo

Half Up Twisted Hairdo

Weave your long straight hair in a simple half-up twisted hairdo. It will keep most of the hair off your face, but a few loose strands ensure it’s not so perfect.

19. Messy Braid

A single accessorized braid flowing to the back keeps your hair controlled but beautiful. It pairs perfectly with almost any wedding dress.

20. Messy Wavy Hair With Quartz Crystals

Messy Wavy Hair With Quartz Crystals

Show off your natural hair by letting it loose. This is an effortless look that fits perfectly with a low back dress. Add some quartz crystals which give the hairdo a touch of class.

A wedding day is any woman’s special day, and she ought to feel the part. Whether you choose to wear your hair in a bun, braid, or let it flow, you can add a few accessories to give it a little oomph.

Ensure your bridal hairstyle fits your dress, and you just might become the bride of the year.

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