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20 Nail Art Designs To Rock Every Occasion

20 Nail Art Designs To Rock Every Occasion

Nail Art Designs

Nail art is an excellent way to express individuality, as well as create a stylish flair for any outfit without over accessorizing. Whether you love bright colors or simple patterns, there is a style of nail art for absolutely anyone. Here we have 20 nail art designs to rock every occasion, which are sure to create some inspiration for you.

1. Grey And Glitter

Grey and Glitter Nails

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This nail design screams minimalism with a hint of excitement. The soft grey tone is excellent for anyone going from a simple approach, while the two pink glittery nails add a pop of interest.

2. Pink Toned Princess

Pink Toned Princess Nails

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This set of fingernails is creating princess vibes, which could also be translated into an elegant look. The multiple shades of pale pink are stylish, with the glitter and stones adding a textured interest. Nail art designs with textures can make nails look rather expensive.

3. Fifty Shades Of Grey

Fifty Shades Of Grey Nails

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No this isn’t the movie, this is an elegant nail style (which only features five shades of grey). Why stick to a solid color, when you can have multiple tones? It creates an artistic flair, as well as looking stunning.

4. Playful Geometric

Playful Geometric Nails

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Think outside of the box when it comes to nails, and go geometric. Horizontal lines like this gold one going across the nail appear fun and trendy, and can ultimately be worn for any occasion. The glittery swirl pattern stands out well, without taking over the whole design.

5. Flowery Fun

Flowery Fun Nails

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This nail design is a real standout, as although it is simple and the flowers are gorgeous. Skintone nail colors like these are great at making the nails look very well maintained, which is a great option for anyone who has little time for their cuticles.

6. Smooth And Bold

Smooth and Bold Nails

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This purple color gives off professional vibes, without compromising the beauty. Smooth textures like this add a soft tone, whilst the length of the nail itself is fabulous. Nail art designs like this one suit ANY occasion no matter what, but the length may not be convenient for all.

7. Summer Shine

Summer Shine Nails

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Going bright like this gorgeous orange isn’t always a bad idea, so don’t let it scare you. Perfect for the summer or dark winter days, this style does a great job of bringing joy wherever it goes.

8. Studded Pink

Studded Pink Nails

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This design can take a little bit to pull off, but otherwise, it is super pretty. The texture from the studs adds brilliant interest, and the smudge of black softens the girly vibes to some extent.

9. Vacation Vibes

Vacation Vibes Nails

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The purple flowers on this simple nail design create that holiday feel, which is perfect or any setting. The white tips on the nail add a sophisticated look, without compromising the minimalistic flair.

10. Sophisticated Chic

Sophisticated Chic

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These nails aren’t for the faint-hearted, but for those who want to to say two words: sophisticated chic. Unique and great for expressing individuality, standing out from the crowd has never been easier.

11. Mix And Match

Mix and Match Nails

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Sticking with similar color tones is a rule of the past! These nails add texture, multiple interests and geometric fun, which is a super cool style for anyone.

12. Winter Flair

Winter Flair Nails

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White nails are a great winter statement, whilst the golden line adds a pop of color. The nail shape is also pretty, and rather natural looking.

13. Ombre Pink

Ombre Pink Nails

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Yes, ombre nails are in fashion! This pink tone looks super fancy, but don’t stop there. Why not try out other colors and gradients?

14. Ruby Red

Ruby Red

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These deep ruby nails are super stylish, and perfect for any female who wants to get the job done. The black and white detailing is also cute, which creates a striking statement.

15. Gothic Vision

Gothic Vision Nails

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Black nails are good for the “do not mess with me” style. The shape of the nail also adds to the fierce look, as well as adding a whole new dimension.

16. Jewel Lover

Jewel Lover Nails

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If minimalism isn’t your go-to style, this pink jeweled style is just for you. A flurry of texture and color, there is so much to look at!

17. Dainty Pink

Dainty Pink Nails

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If making loud statements isn’t for you, you will love this dainty nail art design. Pale and cute, this design is timeless and sweet.

18. On Fire

On Fire

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These orange flames on the end of the black are super stylish, and the shape is on point (no pun intended). Whether you are gangster or gothic, this design was custom made for you.

19. Sheer Pink

Sheer Pink Nails

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If bold colors are a little too much, a sheer pink may be just what you are after. This soft color goes with any style, which is why it has gained much popularity.

20. Shiny Mix

Shiny Mix Nails

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Is your style a bit of this and that? Well, this nail design is for you. A mix of colors, shapes textures and stones, it is a super stylish yet elegant design.

As you can see, there are so many nail art designs which work for any occasions. So, what design are you going to choose now?

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