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Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World

Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds In The World

Smartest Dog Breeds

History has gone to show that dogs are much more than man’s best friend. They have saved lives and learned to protect their BFF’s. What does make a dog smart? You can’t base their intelligence the same way you would as a human being.

The intelligence of a dog is usually based on their inherent, adaptive, and obedience characteristics. Some would base it on its ability to learn a new command and the rate at which it obeys the command

Most people usually think that bigger dogs are smarter than their smaller counterparts. This is not necessarily the case as some small dog breeds are also fast learners and can remember over a long period of time. So let’s get to the top 10 smartest dog breeds.

10. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Famous researchers have gone to state that this pooch has almost human-like intelligence. It’s no wonder that they made their way to Buckingham Palace. Stanley Coren, the author of “The Intelligence of Dogs”, goes to warn that smarter dogs may be challenging to control than dumber ones since they can quickly learn to manipulate their masters to their advantage.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis may not be the ideal choice for a pet if you have a child under eight years. These dogs are at par with Australian cattle dogs in terms of temperament. They are, however, good watch dogs with accurate hearing and are always alert. They can even tell when you are sick or mourning a loved one and provide comfort and solace.

9. Rottweiler


This strong dog is also quite the handful. They are known to be highly protective of their family and ferocious while defending it. As a result, it has exceeded in customs, military, and police work. They are not the timid type but possesses a wait-and-see attitude when faced with new interactions.

As such, you should provide them with early socialization to enable them to get used to strangers. They are easy to train as puppies, and you can even correct aggressive behavior. It would be best if you showed them a strong-willed leadership that they can respect; otherwise, they can be quite troublesome.

8. Papillon


This little pooch is one of the cutest dogs in the list. They are brilliant and eager to please. They are easy to train and are known to excel in dog sports, especially in agility or races. They are also highly obedient.

Due to their small size, you may think that they are lap dogs, but they are little bundles of energy that are always on the move looking for something to do. Since they are extroverts, they can get along with other pets in the house. They are perfect for a home with kids.

7. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers

Being the most popular breed in Canada, UK and USA, this dog can do almost anything. They have served in many sectors from screening and detection to therapy dogs. They are considered to be as smart as a young child.

They can recognize a lot of spoken words, as many as 250 and just as many visual and auditory signals. They even possess a specific proficiency in math. Yep, that’s right. Your Lab can count to five. By being used as disability assistance, they depend on instinct and intelligence to maneuver around obstacles both stationary and in motion.

6. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

This is one dog you will rarely miss at an airport checkpoint. They are effective in any task and are also close companions. Dobies are easily trainable since they are highly intelligent. In fact, some of these dogs are known to outsmart their owners and get easily bored.

5. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog

As its name suggests, they were initially trained to herd sheep and protect farmland from hungry birds. This hard-working small breed was often confused with a collie. Doberman Pinschers are gentle, playful, and love to please. They excel at obedience training and are intelligent.

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

This dog not only looks gorgeous but is a friendly and smart companion. Originally bred for retrieving ducks or fowls for hunters, they are now family dogs. They can get along with just about anyone and as such are not the best watchdogs. They have a sweet, calm nature that makes them perfect for the family.

3. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

If you want consistent obedience, this is the perfect choice for you. German Shepherds serve as therapy dogs, police dogs, medical assistant dogs, and seeing-eye dogs. They are not the type of dogs to spend the whole day on the couch. With early socialization and training, they are perfect companions for families.

2. Poodles


It includes all kinds of poodles from toy to standard varieties. Poodles can understand up to 300 words. Due to their witty nature, they can learn new tricks and commands very fast. The breed is active, alert and loyal pets. They are also versatile since they were initially used as water retrievers.

1. Border Collie

Border Collie

Taking a top place in our list is the Border Collie. This dog can learn a new command in just under 5 seconds and follow the command 95% of the time. They were bred to solve complex tasks and were used in herding sheep.

A strategy they use is called “the stare”. They look at the livestock in an intimidating way which helps them to control their animal and herd them. Since they are smart, don’t expect them to lie around. Border Collies love being busy and engaging themselves in mind-stimulating tasks.

So there you have it — the world’s smartest dog breeds. If you are looking to get a new best friend, then be sure to pick one from the breeds listed above.

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